Fotona SP Dynamis

The New Generation Laser in Multi-Applications

The Next Generation in Multi-Applications

Fotona SP Dynamis is a unique and new generation of Laser technology that combines two of the highest performing Er:YAG and Nd:YAG laser for the widest range of applications in aesthetics, dermatology and gynecology.

SP Dynamic Pro

Fotona’s SP line of laser systems are designed to perform all major aesthetic treatments. By combining two complementary laser wavelengths Fotona SP lasers function as highly versatile, multi-purpose systems that can perform an exceptionally wide range of applications in aesthetics, surgery and gynaecology.

Fotona’s Nd:YAG wavelength is effective for reaching the deepest layers of the skin, while the Er:YAG wavelength is ideal for brushing away surface imperfections to reveal visually attractive, long-lasting results.

Doctors or aesthetic physicians at Celgen clinic are well trained in using SP Dynamic Pro. All treatment is customised to you accordingly to your matter.

Full customised treatment to attain your desire skin aesthetic results.

Benefits of SP Dynamis Pro



  • No Down Time
  • Permanent Results
  • High precision, tissue-selective treatments
  • Safe Treatments
  • Great Patient Comfort and Satisfaction
  • FDA Approved

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