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Dark Eye Circle

Remove the tired-looking dark circle around your eyes with our unique mini-eye threading technique and fillers.

Treatments at Celgen includes:

Eyebag / Tear Trough

Eyebag is a common sign of facial aging. However, eyebag may also appear in younger people due to hereditary and environmental factors. Eyebag is caused by herniation of fat and laxity of skin in the lower eyelid. Eyebag is often associated with dark eye circle and ‘tear trough’, a condition where a groove appears at the junction between the lower eyelid and the cheek. Eyebag gives impressions of aging and tiredness.

Treatments at Celgen includes:

Safety Measures during Covid-19 Pandemic

During this global COVID-19 pandemic, our commitment to giving you a safe, reliable place to receive care is even more important to us.

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